About Allen Timmons

I am a 4th generation US citizen and have served my country in the USAF. I have lived in Danville/Alamo for over 15 years. I have a BS in engineering, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Business. I'm a businessman, not a politician. I own Western Steel & Wire, a manufacturing company located in San Francisco since 1932 - I have no special interest ties to Danville with the exception that I want Danville to be the most desirable place to live on the planet Earth. I'm not a local realtor, lawyer, government employee, contractor, nor am I part of the "Good Old Boys". I am also not accepting any donations or contributions to ensure impartiality. I can bring to the table, capitalistic business and leadership practices vs. bureaucratic waste. I am still working but as a business owner, I can make time to help.
I have conservative, constitutional values which I hope will serve me well in making decisions that foremost, represent my constituents and the needs of Danville. Please note, if you are looking for growth and a more liberal community, there is nothing wrong with that, it's just that this is not what I represent. If not me, please elect a conservative candidate who will preserve our heritage. I have a 2 yr. old baby at home and I would like her to grow up in the town that I know and love.