Why I'm Running


I am running because I genuinely care about the citizens and the town of Danville. I really want to SAVE Danville's small-town way of life and culture. I really, really, really worry that if someone doesn't step in soon and preserve Danville's culture, it may be too late - it may be too late now; everything we know and love about Danville will be gone. I believe we need to limit growth if not stop it. As I merge onto HWY 24 E every day and look up at the hills, I don't want Danville to end up looking like Oakland or Berkeley as well as take on its culture. I see the expansion and growth of San Ramon, Dublin, and even the Eastern part of Danville and I really worry our culture may change. I look at the 144 unit, low-income apartment complex off of Diablo and wonder how did that ever get approved? Not to mention the Magee Preserve Project.


Bottom line, I want to be the conservative voice on the council.